How to PUSH/PULL an object in 3rd person?

I need help making an object than can be pushed and/or pulled in a 3rd person view since I’m currently working on a small project that involves a character pulling and pushing objects to get to places in a 3rd person view …

Examples of games that kind of do this :
LIMBO ( but in 3D/3rd person ) ,
Uncharted 4 ( pulling crates/boxes )
and many others but these show a decent example of what I need .

Hopefully someone can help me with this !

you should see this

Well thats interesting but for a 3rd person game it would be awful , I need something like the character goes near the object , press a certain key “E” and once the played presses the letter “E” the character does a pose as in pushing and then the player can walk forward with “W” and then reach the desination , release the object by pressing “E” again and the character goes back to thr normal IDLE pose , then he can climb the object and things like that … but all I need is a PULL/PUSH blueprint for my 3rd person character .

Still , thanks for the reply ! this could definately be useful for a First Person game :slight_smile: