How to push an object in the direction you are facing by clicking on it?

I would like to create a set up where clicking on an object in the world pushes that object slowly forward in the direction I am facing (this is using first person camera).

What is the best way to push an object by clicking on it?

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your playercontroller has a RotationMatrix stored (Get Control Rotation), from this you can create a ForwardVektor, which is the Direction your Center is pointing, i assume they are normalized so the length of this vector is 1.

Knowing this you can translate your object in adding this Vektor to your objects Transformation with a multiplier (how far shall this object moves). Result: your object moves to the direction you look at.

I believe there were a node (Add Movement or something).

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Thanks for the input.

I had trouble with this, because I was trying to do this in the BP for the object I wanted to push. Should all this scripting be in the player object?

Also, which node do I need to use to convert the rotation output of Get Control Location into a vector for the Add Force at Location node.

I’m pretty new at this, so any fine detail would be much appreciated.

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well its up to you doing it in controller or your object you want to push.

First the Vector for the direction you want to push:

Get Control Rotation (target PlayerController or Pawn)-> Output → Get Forward Vector → Save: Now you have the push direction aka the vector you look along.

for the rest: I will do a picture for you when im home again, in an hour or so…

just wait :wink:

oh i just found that, this should help you out:

Thanks for this. I’ll give it all a look and get back to you with how it went.