How to push / add force to character through blueprints?

Hi, I found an old question on this topic but for C++ which suggested using “Add Velocity”, but that’s apparently not available in blueprints. I’ve tried Add Force to a character bone, but doesn’t show any effects, it seems that’s not for characters. What can I use then for a nice push or force effect? If there’s a physics simulation way for this it would be nice to know about too.

Hey Albert Espín,

Here is two options that will apply force to a Character.

Either works, try testing them. When using Launch Character. I suggest apply override when applying force so it does not modify the characters properties. Review the node for more information.


Thanks, “Launch Character” is giving better results.

I think I may be after something similar, did this enable you to have a moving object push the player on contact?

For days I’ve been trying to get this to happen through physics, but it can’t get it to work. In short I have blocks sliding down a slope and I want them to push the player in the direction they are travelling if the player get’s hit by one.

You possibly can use Hit or Overlap stuff, in that last case make sure you character has “Generate Overlap events” so it can overlap with the block, you then use the event “Begin Overlap” in your character, cast the “Other” actor and if it’s that block class, fire the “Launch Character” function.

Used Event Hit and this seemed to work, getting the velocity right will be a trick. Initially it was pushing me in the opposite direction of where the actor is travelling, not too realistic. Will require some more tinkering to get it to working. In addition to this, the hit event only triggers half the time I run in to the actor, the other times the actor just passes through me. Weird.

Depending on your situation. Here is another setup that adds to push to velocity of the pawn directly. I cut it away from another double jump setup.

If you want an impact based reaction dependent on existing velocity the projectile blueprint in the fps template does just that.

No it doesn’t. “Add Impulse at Location” does not move the character.

if you launched someone in the air, for lets say a darth vader choke effect, how would you go about keeping them there so gravity doesnt just make them fall right back down again, cheers!

You’d do it by getting the actor location just before the fall and then once the falling has started, You could just “Set Actor Location” to that on a tick. There’s plenty of other ways you could do this however :>

■■■■ , many thanks for this wonderfull suggestions , i was trying a lot of bull**** before stumbling over this thread .
So theres the Launch Character node and all my wishes where granted ( didnt even know there was this node xD )