How to purchase assets for a company?

Hi everyone!

I wanted to ask you something that came up recently and I haven´t been able to find anything regarding that online. I have been an Unreal user for almost 4 years so you can get an idea of how my vault looks, now I´m working for a company that wants to buy some assets from the market place and I’m struggllng to find the best way to deal with this. Obviously the company wants to mantain the marketplace content that buys in their posession, therefore an account under the company´s name would be the best solution right? But then what should I do if I want to use the company’s purchased assets along with my owned ones? Should I log in and log out? Will that create a conflict on the project I work on? Could I merge both accounts?

I will like to know how professionals out there dealt with these issue as I’m sure a lot of you had this question before. Would love to hear your ideas and suggestions, stay safe!