How to pull assets into current project from another project?

I can go into another project, use the Content Browser, and Migrate an asset into another project…

But I want to do it the other way around. How do I pull from another project into the current project? That would simplify my workflow. I don’t want to close my active project, open another, migrate, close, and go back to open the active project.

Is there a simple way?


You could just open the content folder of the other project - select all needed folders - paste them into the content folder from your new project. :slight_smile:

Thanks! It works just like you said

@ Can you provide a more detailed explanation for newcomers. Are you referring to disk folders? When I do a push migrate it works out all this things, such as materials in other folders, that are needed to support the asset I’m migrating. How will I know this if I’m copying disk folders?