How to publish MODULAR Static Mesh on Marketplace?


I want to publish MODULAR Static mesh on Marketplace, I know that modular assets must have meshes that snap together cleanly on the standard 10cm grid.

But, I can’t use not only snap on 5cm grid, I can’t even use snap on 1cm grid, it won’t work like I want it to work, and it won’t be like I want it to be.

For example, I have cockpits, in interior section of them, I can’t use snap on 10cm grid. Because it wouldn’t be like I want it to be, it would be a button here, then that switch wouldn’t match where it should be.

I think you understand my point here, so my question is: What should I do?

Thank you! :slight_smile:

Why nobody want to help me??? :confused::confused::confused:

use blueprint.