How to publish/distribute Android App via dropbox

I am having the most frustrating time trying to package a simple basic project to be shared (via dropbox not google play) on a mobile device (samsung note 4) using UE4.9. I read the android docs that state that you do not need to share via the google play store as long as you sign the app.

I have followed the instructions on how to create a keystore but maybe I am doing it wrong. I am new to UE4 and android, so I appreciate your patience as a newbie. The following is the workflow I used to package my project for upload to dropbox and download to my mobile device.

  1. I created a new project with a blank blueprint, mobile/tablet, scalable 3d or 2d, and no starter content.

  2. Saved the level and gave it a name.

  3. Built the project

  4. Package Settings: default settings but checked Full Rebuild & For Distribution.

  5. goto c:\NVPACK\jdk1…7.0_71\bin

  6. opened cmd

  7. keytool -genkey -v -keystore E:\Users\Haskell\Documents\Unreal\Projects\mobileBase\Build\Android\mobileBase.keystore -alias mobileBase -keyalg RSA -keysize 2048 -validity 10000

  8. Once keystore file is created, I go back to unreal

  9. Project Settings>APKPackaging

  • Platform files are writable = check (green)
    Distribution Signing:
  • Android Package Name: com.Haskell3D.archViz
  • keystore (located within my projects/Build/Android dir): mobileBase.keystore
  • key alias: mobileBase
  • key store password: XXXXX
  • Key password: left blank as it is same as key store password.

Google Play Services:

Platform files are writable = check (green)

All values blank (default) as I will not be uploading my app to the play store at this time.

  1. Android SDK Config locations are pointing to the correct locations and I am able to launch app to my “connected” mobile device without any issues.

  2. Package>Android>ALL

  3. UE4 packages and the build is successful.

  4. These are the files that are created:




  1. zip the files and upload to drop box

  2. download the zip file from dropbox into my samsung note 4 mobile device.

  3. unzip and execute the install script by clicking on the UE icon.

  4. Installation is successful. Click open App

  5. ERROR

No Google Play Store Key No OBB found and no store key to try to download. Please set one up in Android Project Settings

Reawakening this dragon as I am still interested in finding out how I can export to dropbox without having to rely on google play store. Essentially, I just want to be able to collaborate with my friend on a project and have him test it out on his mobile device without having to use UE4. Yes, I can publish to google playstore for him to download but since google states there is an option to package without needing the google play store, I would like to find out how to do that using UE4.

Is it possible to package out of UE4 without requiring google play store data?

Hi Haskellf,

Due to the large volume of questions and comments concerning the Engine, we did not have a chance to respond to your post at the time you submitted it. However, if you are still interested, here’s how you can launch your project to an Android device for testing:

Once you create a successfully signed package for Android the resulting folder will include an installer. At this point, zip the folder and provide the end user with a link to dropbox, google drive etc. They will need to open this on a computer, then use the installer to launch to an android device plugged into the computer.

Another route would be to launch straight to their device from UE4 on your machine.

Is there a way to install onto a mobile device without using a computer and without using Google play store? For example, Can I share a signed package on a website, where the client would download directly onto their mobile device? According to the Google distribution link above, the Google play store is not necessary to deploy your app but I didn’t think you needed a computer for the installation.

When you say launch device from ue4 on your machine, can that be done remotely?

There is not a way to install onto a mobile device without using a computer or Google play store (or the App store for Macs) nor can you launch to the device remotely as the device manager in UE4 would need to detect that the device is plugged into the system running UE4.

Supporting documentation: Packaging

as well as this forum post, attempting to do the same thing with a Kindle Fire:

Where do I place .apk/.obb/.bat files in a Kindle Fire HDX? (games not working