How to properly use Load Asset / Load Asset Async (Widget / Blueprint Related)

Having a hell of a time trying to find any documentation on the Load Asset Nodes in Blueprints. I found plenty of C++ approaches but nothing solid on how to do it to widgets/Blueprints. SInce in certain cases on init it will load 200-300 MB of textures for characters or UI related stuff that isnt needed because its BP is referenced . I tried the following way and it kinda works but how can i gain access to the exact variable type instead of casting against a bases parent class? I need to be able to change variables and call functions after i run the Load Asset feature. Plz help im completely lost on this!

If i cast directly against it, it creates a “Hard Reference” that loads everything regardless. I need a valid soft reference…

Here are some image examples of my progress trying to figure it out! I need to be able to A. access actors that are already spawned and change values and B. be able to spawn widgets via them so they dont take up resources just being loaded into the Video Cards VRAM but never actually needed for gameplay yet!