How to properly use angular velocity?

Hi, This could be a stupid question, but I did find any thing related about this matter on answer hub or google.
The thing is. I am syncing two physic based pawn through network, So i need to use the received angular velocity to predict the current rotation from received delta time. but my question is how should I use the vector to calculate the delta rotation so I can apply it to the current rotation? What I tried, is to break the current rotation into axis, and multiply angular velocity by delta time, then add to the origin axis, and then transfer the result back to a rotation. But what I get is really weird and the rotation is desynced.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Solved! I shouldn’t use GetRotationXVector to send the the Rotator, I should use break rotator and make it a vector directly.

Silly me :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi. Can u explain or show bp angular velocity to me?

here is what i did

the upper vector is the current rotation(DO NOT CONVERT FROM X VECTOR, SPLIT THE ROTATOR AND MAKE A VECTOR YOURSELF). the lower vector is the angular velocity. server data is delta time.

hi. thanks but i dont get it. Can i get ur email so that i can ask more question?

Hi, Sorry I haven’t replied. I just checked this. you maybe already worked this one out but it’s always good to have a fellow blueprint programmer to talk, right? My e-mail is
looking forward to hearing from you.

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