How to properly set application version?

When i package the shipping I see the engine version as application version:


pressing space with application selected


on application get info

On iOS there is the “Additional Plist Data” setting that allows to customize plist entries, how to do it on Mac so that I don’t have to manually edit every time I package?

Is there any other mutiplatform-proof way to set the application version?

Many thanks!

Hi Lju,

I believe all the information you need can be found on the following site:

[About Info.plist Keys and Values][1]

When you compare the following two images, you can see Mac apps do not include and/or use app versions like iOS app do:

…Therefore there is no reason to adjust the app version values for the plist in your Project Settings>Platform>Mac

Hello ,
Thanks for your answer! I’m aware that application versions are treated differently in MacOS rather than iOS, but it’s indeed an aesthetical matter, I find it deceiving for my customers to see “Version 1.0” inside my game and “Version 4.15.1” when they select my game in Finder or click on Get Info on games icon, there should be an option to fix the application version accordingly with my real application version. Application version are used in MacOS and you can find it in every app you click on, adjusting the plist changes the application version, also your Epic Games Luncher has the “CFBundleShortVersionString” on the plist, which is displayed correctly by the system and differs from the engine version:

Or maybe I explained myself wrong, I just want to know how to put my application version there, so that it is displayed properly instead of the version of Engine used for the game.

Check out the answer on the following Answer Hub post:

*wrong link, see link below

Let me know if this does not resolve the issue.

Looks like the link opens this very same page! :slight_smile:

Sorry, -here’s the correct link: How can you manually set the build number for iOS build?