How to properly make a DLC?

Hey There,

I’m currently working on a project where I need to implement a DLC system.
The user should be able to download some optionnal content on top of the app.
However I found very little documentation on how acheive this. The most userfull element I found is the Project launcher,
which have option for patching and according to its options DLC building, however I found no documentation/tutorial on how to build a DLC with it.
Currently the patch system is what give me the most satisfying result, the pak files generated allow me to add modifications of an existing build.
However I guess the patch system was not designed to create DLCs, so currently I’m pretty confused about this.

Is this suitable to use the patch system to build DLCs ?
In the project launcher what are the differences between building a patch and a DLC ?
How can I build a DLC ?
Can We patch a DLC ?


Bump, I have same question