How to properly inherit LandscapeBlueprintBrushBase

What is the proper way to inherit LandscapeBlueprintBrushBase into our own custom brushes? I have already figured out how to finally get my brush to be the Edit layer Blueprint Brush for a HM/WM of a given edit layer through trial and error and get the initializer to fire. However, currently my brush does not automatically get placed in the world the way Landmass brushes do (say, CustomBrush_Landmass). I’ve looked at their constructor and initializer scripts and even spent hours pouring over the relationship between CustomBrush_Landmass and LandmassBrushManager and for the life of me I cannot figure out what I’m doing different that would prevent my brush actor from properly spawning into the level.

How do I do this? What component might I be missing? Are the Brush Mesh and Spline components necessary for this to work? Or is it something buried in the brush/brush manager relationship I’m not seeing?

To be clear, my brush (at least so far) is doing what I need to do if I go into landscape mode, select my blueprint brush as the brush and then manually drop an instance of it into the level from the content browser. But this is hardly ideal and - given the behavior of the landmass brushes - hardly the proper implementation.

Any help or feedback, even speculative, would be more than welcome, and I will be happy to answer clarifying questions.

I hate to be one of those who answers his own question, but I’m sure others on here are also looking for the answer, given the number of views.

What I found is that if neither AffectsHeightmap or AffectsWeightmap are true in the class defaults (accessible in class settings) then the brush won’t spawn like that.

Simply making one (or both) of those true in the class defaults makes it so you can spawn the brush just like the landmass ones.