How to properly convert Terrain(heightMap)from ut2004 to Landscape(ue4.0)

Hello, i’ve been wondering how to i convert this heightMap(16_25.bmp) to a landscape ?
Original it’s a heightmap used in creating Terrain for ut2004 thats how it look’s in original

But when i use this g16.bmp and convert it to r16.bmp and import in UE4.0 landscape i get this result

so thats far from what it was, i was trying to impor that g16 in Wrold machine, but i get an error - missing scale data etc - maybe thats because of it ?

More of it had no problem importing heightmap in UDK Terrain, but how do i do that in ue4 ? in plus there is no dialog for applying alpha channel Material like in udk

So how it possible to do all of that thing ? can someone help me out please ?

Anyway fixed this stuff, converted terrain in udk to landscape and exported to ue4…