How to properly configure project for Version Control

Hello all,

I’m currently experimenting with a small game jam with my team and I decided to test out version control with this game jam. I set up a bitbucket account, installed source tree and setup my git on my project. I was able to clone the repo and have everyone up to date with having the game through our version control.

our game is small but we’ve reached the soft limit of 1 GB for bitbucket. Now everything inside my Repo is the entire project folder that’s generated by unreal. I was wondering what really is required for the repo and still have the benefit of seeing editor changes and content folder changes etc without hitting the 1GB limit or keeping the repo size small.

We use C++, Blueprint, and our artists come in and manipulate textures, import, export, and create sprites etc you know…

I’m new to this whole thing :o I’m sure you can tell but what is the recommended folders that should be in the repo to see all changes made by the entire team.

Thank you,
Alex Batista

This is my .gitignore file, if that helps:

[FONT=Lucida Console]Binaries/

It does, I’ve never made a .gitignore file, I’ll try it out.

I have found that using the Version Control tools from with Unreal Editor doesn’t work well. It misses files. I use SourceTree, as you do.

I’ve seen that if you’re not ignoring anything it catches everything haha.

i’ve used perforce, seems really good/best for small projects and small teams with clear controls.