How to properly comunicate from UMG to PlayerCharacter?

Hi, hope someone can help me…

Lets say that I have a menu screen and I want that in a press of a button my character do something like jump or other thing.

I have been trying to make this work with event dispatchers but i can’t, just happens between UMG and Character, other BPs works great…so i dont know what im doing wrong, or maybe it just can’t do that conmunication?

Thanks in advance…


How do you reference the PlayerCharacter in your UMG? Do you have a variable that holds the character reference and initialize that on the Begin Play of the UMG widget?

Maybe block “Play Animation”? You can choose which animation to run.

Well maybe thats the problem… i dont know how.
from my widget im not referencing my character but the way it works event dispatchers i dont needed (well thats what i think) i just make a call from my widget button and its suposed that i bind that event in my character and reference the widget, well thats the way i was working with other BPs, but with my character it doesnt take the call…

Im receiving this error
Error Blueprint Runtime Error: Accessed None trying to read property MyWidget from function: ‘ExecuteUbergraph_MyCharacter’ from node: Assign My Event Dispatcher in graph: EventGraph in object: MyCharacter with description: Accessed None trying to read property MyWidget

Sorry, I dont know what you mean, can you explain please?

Would you be able to post pictures of your functions?

Based on that error, your character doesn’t know about your widget, more specifically the variable MyWidget is null.

Owning Player -> Get Pawn -> Cast to your Character -> Do stuff :slight_smile:

For a simple solution, one button
[button] — [cast to (whatever your player is, i.e third person] input is [get player character] out as player character [jump] this feeds info from UMG to player index0 for single player,

if you have multiple buttons, then do as suggested above, create a variable of type character ref, and on event begin play cast to character and set that variable, then you can use the variable for each button or function.

Hey Art,

Have you tried creating a PlayerCharacter reference on construct and then casting it into a variable?

Here is the code of how I usually do it:

This is in the UMG Widget Event graph, it gets the player controller and then the controlled pawn(your character), then it casts it to YourCharacterClass(Mine is called PlayerCameraPawn) and then saves it in a variable of YourCharacterClass Reference type.

Hope this helps

If you’re using event dispatchers you don’t need to reference the character itself, just the UI. I’m doing something similar but communicating between the UI and my anim blueprint. To get the reference I use the Initialize Animation event with a a small delay after it (maybe the UI doesn’t spawn instantly), then Get All Widgets Of Class with the UI selected in Widget Class. This will give you an array so Get the 0 element and use that to bind to the event dispatcher. If you’re using several player characters maybe this won’t work but it should work with only one UI widget. After that Calling the event dispatcher on button presses/etc works.

Thank you everyone for your suggestions, ill try them when i get home tonight…

Thanks again…