How to properly clamp camera


hi guys ok so far i have the player movement controlled using the WASD Keys but the characters turning and looking is controlled with the mouse. Now what i would like to do is make it so the player can only look up and down within a certain range (clamp the view) . At the moment the player can basically look under the ground and right over the top of the players head which isnt what i want. I have tried using a clamp node and clamp angle node but i think im doing it wrong as i either get no camera movement or sometimes it moves and then snaps back to a different angle or sometimes it moves to an angle and then i get stuck and cant move the camera again.

thanks for youre help.

These nodes may help you

thanks will try them tonight

awsome this worked and was easy to set up and manipulate to how i needed it.

here is the finished blueprint in case anyone else wants to know how to do it.