How to prone

Hello, how can I make a blueprint for prone movement in first person view ?
I don’t know how to set a crouch height below half crouched height…

You modify the capsule height and half height directly. Get Capsule -> set heights.

The main problem you’ll have is dealing with collision. The capsule itself is the authoritative (only) blocking collision for the character movement component. You can add collisions until you’re blue in the face, but they will not block your movement. They are outright ignored.

e.g. When you’re prone your upper and lower body (parts outside capsule) will go through (clip) objects.

The options you have are to either write your own C++ character movement component. Or use additive collisions “Overlap events” to disable movement input.

An additive collision approach is as follows.

Add a capsule/sphere collision that would be slightly in front of the hands when in the prone position. Do the same for the feet. Add one for the right and left of the prone body (full length), small radius.

When prone activate the collisions. Use Begin and End overlap events tot toggle a Disable boolean for the direction. Use those booleans to disable/enable movement input.

e.g. if “Disable Forward?” is true then movement input (key pressed) is discarded.

You’ll need to setup additional logic using traces to determine if you can toggle between the prone state.

e.g. un prone (going to crouch/stand) -> Sphere trace from Root or capsule base upward to the height needed for crouch/stand head clearance. Radius of trace must be equal to your capsule component. This ensures you won’t clip during the animation.

Hope this helps.

Forgot to note you’ll need to set up collisions and logic for mouse yaw as well.