How to Promote Mobile game without money?

I am Shelly, I am a game developer. I made some games, now I have met many problems. I don’t know how to do the promotion, could you give me some advices? Or somebody who is familiar with games, please help me! You could tell me the forum and market or other promotion ways! I will be very appreciated about what you tell me!
You can add me via Skype(shellyyu5) or facebook(Shelly Yu), and leave a message me here, thanks!We also accept part-time workers who are familiar with games and know how to promote games!

Promoting a video game is done by people themselves,let them play the demo of your game (like Minecraft) and if it is good,gamers will do the promotion like making youtube videos,sharing on facebook,twitter etc.

IndieDB is a good site,create a website,youtube channel,facebook page,twitter handle and reddit :slight_smile:

disclaimer: i am not a marketing expert

This is not good advice. It only works if you already have a loyal following that will do the sharing for you.

Unfortunately you’re going to need a marketing budget in order to get your game out the door. Facebook and Google both provide very nice advertising platforms that are relatively cheap if you know your exact audience. You can choose to run campaigns for any period of time and the ads will be targeted toward the audience you set.

Consider asking mobile games news sites to review your game, and offer a review copy for free. Different sites have different policies; it’s important to clarify before contacting them.

You made a good point for facebook twitter and reddit accounts, if you don’t have a loyal fanbase already you’ll probably spend a lot of time shouting into the void there.
With your own website and YT it is different though since they can be shared well with the press and youtubers. (Without looking like you are fishing for followers etc.)
However I would say running paid FB or Google advertising campaigns on an Indie budget is not a good idea at all!!! From what I’ve heard from other small Indie devs these hardly have a positive impact on sales at all.

The ideal situation would probably be that you have the money to pay a marketing service that did high quality and sucessfull promotions for games in the past.
Failing that, it’s most important to create awesome screenshots/banners and trailer videos for your games!
Then bundle them in an easy to use presskit and just write a nice email to the editors of as many gaming websites as you can.

For mobile games, ultimately your commercial sucess will probably depend a lot on whether you get featured by Apple or Google (less powerfull than Apple).

Hi shellyyu,

May I suggest that I offer a solution to your needs in promoting your game?

This is experimental but not difficult at all to integrate.

It’s a web based service tailored exactly for Androids as well as iOS devices.

You can easily set up your own official mobile game site with option to add in support and a community for your game.

Please take a look if you’re interested.
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Here i suggest you some effective strategies to increase installs for any application.

  1. Submit Application on different play stores
  2. Submit you app on different app review websites
  3. Do exchange review on social networking sites
  4. Do SMO Work for your app promotion
  5. Follow some offline techniques for app promotion

the best way is search for publisher can publish your game to stores and do marketing for it :slight_smile:

You can play a little dirty as well. Submit your app to sites that commonly host cracked or modified apps. They usually have a newly submitted section and rarely check the files themselves. I did this with ads in my app and although I didn’t get any downloads on the play store or ratings, I did earn some money through the ads from the hundreds of users that thought they were getting a full app free :stuck_out_tongue:

Facebook advertising is a no go unless you implement the sdk yourself, or pay for one the plugins which do.

App review websites are a joke in my opinion as most charge for a review.

Your BEST bet is promotional videos on free websites like reddit or imgur, and local advertising. Local advertising isn’t always free but it’s cheap. You can make little business cards advertising your game and leave them at fast food tables, or hang up papers at laundry mats. Places where people will be sitting for awhile are ideal.