How to program horse?

So im trying to program a horse but i don’t know where to get started.
I first made the horse be a pawn.
But where is the function in pawn that adds movement to the pawn ?
or maybe it’s all done through booleans?
Please help.

Use the acceleration variable, thats move the pawns, in the pys_walking physics.

If they are in phys_none, you can use move and movesmooth comands in the tick event.

I did my horse extending from my npc classes, with some diferent functions for foot placement and others.

Yes but wich function or what variables do you have to use in order to achieve it ? handle the movement.
What function processes the variables of movement i could do it in UE4 but with UDK it’s a little bit more complicated.

Only put “pawn.acceleration = vect(10,0,0);” in the tick event. With the physics = Phys_walking. It’s the usual way to move the player, giving an acceleration value.

With Phys_none you can use “move” or “movesmooth”. “Pawn.move(10,0,0);” will move your pawn 10 units. Put it in the tick and the pawn will move continuisly. The vector is a displacement, a delta.

You can use a normalized vector to get the desired direction, then multiply it by the desired velocity float.

And whit this way (using move/movesmooth) you can “accumulate” movement, and then do a move every few ticks, instead a move in each tick. Add to a vector each movement, then after some ticks do a move using that vector and reset to 0. You can use move/movesmooth/setlocation for that.

You gain a lot of performance in this way. Seems that moving actors is one of the things that more cost has.

I use it with my boats, when they are far, or not visible. So the jump is less appreciable.

OK that’s cool to take in mind, well I also saw that processDrive abd ProecssMove are functions to take in mind.