How to proceed with multiple levels


I’m working on a oldschool survival horror game where each room is it’s own level (there’s a short loading time between each rooms). Now, I don’t know how many levels I’m supposed to make for all of this. Let me give you an exemple with this map

So let’s say the game begins in the middle of the classroom. That means I place the player start where I want the level to start (in the middle of the room for exemple). Then, by taking the door I end up in the hallways level. In the hallways level I must of course place the player start right in front of the same door I took to exit the classroom. Now it’s becomming confusing. Let’s say I want to get back to the classroom level. If I open the level again, the game will open up where I have put the level start (in the middle of the classroom as I said). The thing is, now that I entered the classroom from the hallway, I want my character to be near the door while entering the classroom. What should I do? Should I duplicate the classroom level just to move the player start near the door?

That would make a lot of levels since I should also duplicate the hallways level for each connected room (If I exit the music room I’d need a hallways map with the character close to the door…)

Is this the way to proceed? Is there a simpler way to do this?

Is there a specific reason why you would separate each room into its own level?

Yep. My game is a oldschool third person horror game (like in the ps1/ps2 era), loading times between rooms made players scared of entering rooms (due to the fact that they didn’t know what to expect after the short loading times, and it made you feel more confined inside the rooms).

Still no reason to split it into different levels in UE :stuck_out_tongue:
If you want to achieve what you want, simply have the people leave one room, show a “loading” screen and then let them continue.

So basically I could use level streaming to hide rooms (and save performance) and use some kind of teleportation trigger to move the player between rooms? Could that work?