How to procedurally spawn blueprints into the world/level with c++ code?

I have searched for the past few days on how to do this, to no avail. One issue is that I am using c++ code instead of blueprint scripting, most of the tutorials I find use the nodes to script instead of Visual Studio. I have created a random maze generator in c++. The maze uses certain characters to represent either a wall or part of the path. It looks like this:


What I want to do in Unreal is read from a vector of vectors the character symbols and if the symbol is a wall I want to spawn a blueprint with a static mesh into the level/word.

I understand the logic behind doing this, but I have no idea how to do it in terms of UE4. If I was using Unity I know that I would create a prefab of the wall and instantiate multiple of them at different x, y, z locations. This is what I want to do in UE4, but I have no knowledge on what Unreal’s code for that would be.

One requirement of this is that I want the maze to be different each time. If you’re on easy difficulty, the maze is smaller than if on hard, and each time you play the game the maze has to be different, so I cannot just create a wall blueprint, drag it into the level until I create a maze, and save the map; the game has to be able to run my code for the generation, read from the vector, and spawn blueprints into the world each time the game is started.

I assume that I would make the walls an actor class with a static mesh and x, y, z location, but how would I do that? And how would I then make c++ code to spawn copies of the blueprints at different locations? I did this in Dark GDK, where I read from the vector and when the symbol was for a wall, I spawned a wall sprite at the next location.

What I am looking for is the actual code, the UE4 equivalent of Unity’s instatiate() and Dark GDK’s dbSprite(), because I know the logic, but not Unreal, I am completely new to UE4.

And yes, I am aware that there is a maze generator in the marketplace. I already have code to randomly generate a maze, I just need to know how to spawn the walls, and I am not willing to pay $25 to do it. I have searched on Google, YouTube, the Unreal Documentation, and on here multiple times. If anyone could answer I would greatly appreciate it.