How to print text in a blueprint from another blueprint?

I have two blueprints in my project, the first is ‘HelloUnreal’ and the second ‘PrintText’.
In ‘HelloUnreal’ have a variable ‘Text’ type String whit a text, and in ‘PrintText’ hace a variable ‘GetText’ type Reference to ‘HelloUnreal’.

I want to get the value of ‘Text’ in the blueprint ‘PrintText’, but when i try it the program display an error “Accessed None”

What is the error here? Im not find it :confused:
Sorry for my basic english, and i am a beginner in ue4 but i want learn it.

I am here now, i think i am on a good way, but another error has appeared “does not inherit from”. The variables and blueprint are other but is the same concept. I do not know which is inherit.

This basically is saying that your game mode is not an enemy.

This is a very simple issue, I just can’t solve it for you because I really don’t understand what you are trying to do.

Hi, thanks for answer! The idea is simple, i have two blueprints now, 1 called Player, and the other Enemy (the name does not represent the content). Basically i try to print in player the variable text that is in enemy, to learn communication between blueprints. TargetActorCast, now called TargetEnemy, is a variable reference to Enemy.

I have tried several ways, but all end in error :confused:
Then, i missing something? or what is the error?

You need to populate GetText varable with object first, as when you create object varable it’s empty (in Blueprints this state is called “None”). So either you gonna set it using some node to find the object, or if your object is GameMode or PlayerController you simply cast it as you trying in comments or if those actors are placed on level you can set the object variable in Details tab, you can only select existing objects in the level, it’s very nice way to link objects together. But do check if variable is set with IsValid before calling function on it or getting and setting varablbe