How to print string a SaveGame class' variable?

I’m trying to read a variable from my SaveGame blueprint (BP_SaveGame) which is an integer(Var1). Trying to use Print String node to read it and when played, it passed through but only shows ‘0’ which is not the default value I’ve set for it, giving me a ‘Accessed from none node’ error after that. Just want to know if what I’m doing later on when making my save system is working.

Still new and haven’t managed to get a working save yet, basically what I’m trying to achieve is a level checking system which will check what levels are unlocked when the game starts. So if the variable Var1 is 10, then level 10 is unlocked, and so on.

What I have in mind now is: player completes a level → Var1 +1 → saved into my GameState BP (not sure if that’s the right place though). But one issue I’ve encountered was I can’t cast to my BP_SaveGame as I don’t know what should be plugged into Object node. But that is another issue, maybe for another post? But if there’s a ‘right’ way to do this then please help me!

This just a comment — if accessing savegame from outside the blueprint it’s made in (such as character or gamestate) it seems to access None. So make functions which grab data from the savegame in the character or gamestate where you created the SaveGame object and then call those functions from your other classes rather than trying to get external BPs to access the SaveGame data themselves.