How to print a string using an NPC's Blueprint?

I bound the button E to interact for an NPC, but it seems that using Interact doesn’t even print a string if I put it inside the NPC’s graph. I need to put it there because I will later add a begin overlap event and add actual ui. But I need to make it so simple inputs will work when used inside the NPC’s blueprints:

It probably has to do with the Blueprint’s settings, but I can’t find the correct one.

Create a CustomEvent in the NPC and call it on the NPC to make it perform an action.

How do I do that?

Also are inputs supposed to not work in the NPC’s blueprint, but work in the player/level blueprint?

For that to work you have to enable Input on that NPC. But thats a Bad approach. Instead make your Character perform the Interaction Action. Decide from there who you want to Interact with (multiple ways, up to you) and call a Event on your NPC. You probably want to Interact with different things in different ways at some Point and its a good Idea to Setup a Interface for that so you can Call it on anything that Implements that Interface and let the one who Implements decide what should happen. Just to give you a Idea you (character) Interact with NPC´s, Chests, Doors, Leavers, etc. but all those things do something different when you tell them that you Interact with them (they decide what happens not your Character).

If you are unfimiliar with Interfaces they are somewhere covered in that Video along with other Forms of Communication Blueprint Communications | Live Training | Unreal Engine - YouTube

Good Luck and have Fun =)