How to preview wireframe on top of the lit?


One of 3 basic asset preview modes. I can’t find it in UE4.

  1. lit
  2. wireframe
  3. wireframe on lit

Where is it?

Second question I have is… how to isolate wireframe of an asset in content/asset editor?
I keep seeing that sphere behind… why? What’s the point of seeing a wireframe of the skybox? ^^

It obscures view and makes asset’s wireframe nothing else, but more difficult to read.


Lit and wireframe

There is no mix of the two.

If you want to see an object in wireframe along, open it in the mesh editor:

( double click )

You still get the wireframe of the sky though. If you don’t want that, you have to setup a preview without the sky, which you can do, but then the preview will look weird.

In the mesh editor, on the ‘preview’ tab, you can turn off the environment

and save this as a profile.

If you need this at runtime or something similar you can have 2 meshes of the same object/scale with different materials.
Unfortunately that’s about it.

I guess you could also do edge detection or a custom textures derived from opposite of cavity, which to me is preferable over a double mesh

Thank you for your replies guys!

Outstanding for 3d viewer to not have lit + wireframe preview mode.