How to preview a level in real time inside the UI

Hello everyone, I’m new to UE4, I’m wondering if there is a possibility to preview a level inside a UI in real-time ?
Here’s an example in the picture down below and thanks in advance.

Hi @TN-Dev!

What exactly is the goal of your preview? Are you trying to preview an active level? Or are you attempting to make a video preview of your level? Or are you doing something else? Also, are you looking for blueprints or C++ to accomplish this task?

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Hello, thank you for replying.
I want to preview an active level and make changes instantly by selecting something from toolbars ( like in the picture ), for example, to drop an Actor, animate it or control the position of the sun etc…
And all these changes can be seen instantly in the level.

Okay @TN-Dev ,

Looks like the best way to do so would be something similar to a “security camera”. I would suggest trying a Screen Capture 2D component. Here is a video on the concept of how to use one and place a camera render as a texture:

How to Make a Security Camera and CRT Monitor in UE4 - Blueprint and Materials Tutorial

Thank you @Quetzalcodename, actually this is a good idea, I’ll be trying it.