How to prevent top down character rotation snapping

Okay guys hopefully someone here can help. My top down character simply put rotates instantly to my mouse cursor so after my character finishes his attack animation the rotation just ruins immersion.I have attempted to slow rotation from the base 640 but this seems to do nothing at all to prevent the character snap. Any help or thoughts would be incredibly helpful.

Between makerotator and SetActorRotation, add an Rinterpto node to smoothly interpolate between the actor’s current rotation and the one calculated by the lookat.

This does not seem to do anything. So I can only assume I put this in incorrectly or my values are incorrect. Hopefully I can find the right answer with google or you if youre faster :smiley: thank you for the help!

Okay I actually got it figured out!. thank you so much for the help!

For those coming in the future just keep your delta time low and your interp at 1. My final value was .1 and 1. Which worked out to be a rotation at 10% speed if my understanding is correct.

You got it. Just had to tweak the numbers a bit.

Just keep in mind DeltaTime is assuming you’re going to plug in the actual Delta Time from the Tick or the InputAxis event, or from the Get WorldDeltaSeconds node.

You don’t have to and you can put your own deltatime in if you want, but I prefer to use the actual deltatime as the input because then it puts in the amount of time it has been since the previous Tick AKA since the last frame was rendered, which means the speed stays consistent even if the framerate doesn’t.

When your framerate is 60 fps I think the average delatime will be around 0.0167, a pretty small number. Or was it 0.167? Oh well anyway your way works fine. Just letting you know what delta time is USUALLY for (but like I said you can certainly use it differently if you like)

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