How to prevent sound from playing more than once (On Component Begin Overlap)

hello everyone! I am implementing sounds in the regular stackobot game that comes with ue and was wondering how to stop a sound from repeating everytime i touch a surface.

there is a spawn pad in the game that i added a kind of ambient hum sfx to when the material is glowing to signify it is activated and to stop the sound when the material is metal (not activated). however each time i consecutively step on an actiavted spawn pad it re-plays the sfx from the start (im struggling to get take recorder to work rn so i dont have a video) but the attached screenshot is basically what i have for the sfx to play. so i was wondering what i was missing in order for it to play just one time?

I asked this question in another forum and some people were helpful and they had mentioned that it was becaause of the On Component Begin Overlap Event causing the sound to restart each time i touched the spawn pad. SO my question is, what nodes do i need in order for the sound to ignore further touches on the spawn pad and just play once? I attached the screenshot of the entire blueprint

Note: I am using WWise as well.

I guess you are looking “DoOnce”