How to prevent Show Collision slowdown?

I’m building a game using Paper2D. I have my tileset set up with collision, and I’ve created a tilemap. It’s fairly large, 256x128 tiles. I have my pawn wired up and it moves around and collides with the map collision just fine. When I enable “Show Collision”, it draws the collision wireframe, but the framerate of my game drops from ~800 to ~15 and stat unit shows GPU taking ~70ms per tick (up from ~1). Is there any way avoid this slowdown? Given that each tile has a separate collision box, is there a way to configure my camera to only draw the collision boxes that are on screen? (I’m assuming the slowdown comes from drawing all the collision for the entire map.)

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Update: Looking into it further, it appears this may be an issue somewhere inside TileMap, if I’m reading the profiler correctly