How to prevent packaged "empty" game to perform GDPR relevant actions?

To make this clear: I’m basically talking about an “empty” game which does nothing but uses UE4.

I noticed that if I run a packaged development versions of any UE project, there are some remote calls to Epic servers happening. This would mean that an IP address is transferred, which is GDPR relevant (and there might be additional relevant data, too).

Now what I fear is that I need players to confirm use of personal data in EU just for using Unreal Engine even in a game which does nothing. That would be because the game automatically contacts servers run by Epic. Since these servers are probably located in the US, it would be even more complex. This is not the end: Since remote calls might occur just after starting the game, the data would be processed even if the use of personal data is denied by the player. This would mean I would have to run a program before the UE game just for user confirmation.

Could you provide some hints as to which packaging settings are required such that there is no automatic contact to servers run by Epic without player confirmation? (Is this even possible?)
Again, I’m not talking about what is done by the game, I’m talking about Engine use only.

In your Project Settings in the End-User Settings category there are some options for usage data. I believe it is enabled by default so maybe the calls you’re seeing are from that.

Hi lotodore. It looks like you are using UE 4.19. This functionality was disabled in UE 4.20 (see this GitHub change). If you switch to UE 4.20, this functionality will be disabled by default.