How to prevent camera from rotating while rotating player?


So i’m trying to rotate my player to direction where my cursor is. I guess it would work otherwise but my camera is attached to the controller and it will rotate at the same time too. How can I stop rotating camera while player is rotating?


I have trashcan as temporary character so dont mind about that :D. What am I doing wrong?
I can give more screens or even video if you need. I would like to get answer fastest as possible :). Pretty sure this is something simple but I just dont get it, because in really noob in unreal. Switched from unity :slight_smile:

In the sprint arm transform rotation, click the label that says “rotation” so it says “absolute rotation.”

With the absolute rotation it doesnt work at all anymore.

What does “it doesn’t work” mean? Do you want the camera to rotate sometimes, but not other times?

Also, it’s typically best to put the camera smack on the spring arm, and then rotate the spring arm to orient the camera. Else the collision avoidance of the spring arm doesn’t work.

It means that some reason my character doesnt really rotate anymore. Obviously camera stopped rotating which is a good thing but code isnt really doing its purpose yet. So most likely something is wrong with my code or im forgetting something simple again. When im moving left/right, the player is slightly rotating and when im moving my mouse its rotating a little tiny bit, like couple units (when u swipe mouse across the screen).

Idea should be that my player model should be looking at the direction where the cursor is, now the player model is just slightly turning while im moving mouse, not really to the location where the cursor is.


Small video about the problem:

Screen capture - dfe2a4f9c46536a6a8b604a7ccef55ee - Gyazo (put mp4 mode)
At the begginning i was just swiping my mouse and at the end of it i moved the character.

Yeah I realized that sometime ago, atm that’s fixed already. Only problem is the real problem that is the rotating atm :slight_smile:

Got it working by just changing the “Convert mouse location to world space” to “get hit result under cursor by channel”, no idea why it didnt work before but I atleast it works now. I’ll mark this as the correct answer :slight_smile:

set the spring arm to absolut rotation fixed for me : )
go to spring arm - transform - rotation set it to absolut rotation