How to preserve speed in slopes ?

Hello everyone I managed to get my character to walk up, down, upside down etc. but I have a problem with speed preservation, I’ll let you look at the video with translations down here since it’s in french :

  • Real Time
  • We can see that the velocity equals 2926 (Purple print string in the top left corner)
  • The next frame it goes down to 1546
  • However when I set Custom Time Dillatation to 0.1 (Slowmotion) the speed is preserved correctly

I use a force that keeps my character glued to the surface he is walking on to simulate gravity but when he uses a curved ramp he looses a lot of speed and I can’t explain why nor find a solution.

Actually the answer is pretty stupid but the best solution I came with is to increase the scale of the ramp. The problem still persists when going very fast but it can be avoided by playing with the different forces that apply to the character.