How to prepare Windows Project for Final distribution

Hi Epic, could you please someone from you answer to this question it is very important.

Simply, how to create the windows installation for finalized project?

  • Which installer (like installshield or so) to use?
  • How to include Visual C++ Redistributable files?
  • How to include crucial DirectX files? (And which version of DirectX is needed as minimal?)

This final step of application lifecycle is very important, but i guess many people are confused and cant find information about this…

Thank you…


Hi lukas84,

You can find information on cooking and packaging your final product here:

Hi Adam, thanks for reply, but on that link, there is no word about Visual C++ Redistributables, or DirectX or installer? It will just teach package the game, but thats not all, if i package the game and send it to you or to app store, in case of Windows packaging there will be missing Visual C++ Redistributables, may be even DirectX and also no installer of game (it is just a folder).

I thought there is some guide from Epic on this.


I have followed the steps for an ArchViz project and I am not seeing the level that I made there. Just the default Template level opens in the gameplay. How do I correct this?


Open the console command by pressing ~. Then, type in “Open <MapName>” and press enter. To avoid this you have to set your map as the default for the project to open in the project settings under the Maps & Modes tab.

This is a very interesting issue. Packaging the project is not the end of the process, and a guide about preparring everything for final distribution will get more and more demanded as more people will finish their work.

I posted some questions/problems in AnswerHub about package the games, 4.6 Game package/release engine needed files ? - UE4 AnswerHub
4.6 Shootergame release/package black window - UE4 AnswerHub if anyone can help me… thanks.