How to prepare for the UE5 ?


I’m still a noob and there are a lot of aspects I haven’t started learning yet such as lighting, creating cutscenes and other stuff.
Are there any areas I shouldn’t start to learn since their system will differ very strong from the UE4?
I don’t know what to focus on at the moment.
Currently I’m improving my modelling and texturing skills but when it comes to UE4 I’m very uncertain what to do next.
My “fear” is to waste a lot of time on digging into stuff that will be deprecated and removed in UE5…

The big features are Nanite and Lumen.

Lumen seems to be just a fancy dynamic lighting feature, shouldn’t affect modeling much. Large scale lighting will be handled by voxels, medium distance field, small details will be done in screen space. This might mean that chunky meshes will have less lighting issues than thin geometry. So if you want to make a project super safe for Lumen lighting, go for a chunkier style without thin and small details. Feel free to go with a large scene with very distant objects.

Nanite seems to really love very detail sculpted models. And it loves reusing modular pieces in tons of different ways. If you want to do something scifi, maybe lean more towards Alien or concepts by Paul Pepera. With detailed surfaces instead of clean flat surfaces.

Ok, I thought Lumen is going to replace the whole lighting system lol