How to preload a Level for instant transition?

I need to transition from one small / lightweight Level to another without a hitch / the game freezing up during loading. I have roughly a second’s worth of post process animation going on to fade in and out for a seamless transition effect. Said second is more than enough time to load the Level and it’s assets, but using Open Level freezes the game for a short duration. Being naive, I tried to run Load Stream Level as the animation begins, hoping it would start loading so that running Open Level a second later would result in a seemingly instant transition. This doesn’t seem to do anything, as the game freezes as if it was loading the Level from scratch. Am I using this wrong, and what are my options?

If I’m understanding Level Streaming properly, I can’t retroactively slap it in my project without major reworks </3 Is there any way to load a list of assets pre-emptively, to speed up Open Level?

I have a lot of game logic that is tied up to individual Levels, as it helped to prototype fast and have essentially different gameplay and mechanics depending on the level. Since Level Streaming seems to just combine them as if they were actors or lego-bricks, I think it wouldn’t be the best idea in my case.

Problem isn’t neccessarily that I’m afraid Level Blueprints won’t trigger, but that GameModes and their components will break. I’ll leave this question open, in case some future update is going to allow proper pre-loading of assets. Appreciate your help

Open level is not related to stream level. Open level always just dumps everything and opens the new level on it’s own.

If you’re using streaming, you need to stream the level, but uncheck the ‘make visible after load’ button.

Once the level has loaded, you can enable visibility with ‘should be visible’.

Of course, you should also unload the previous level.

EDIT: For level streaming to work you need to have all the levels you want to manipulate as sublevels of an empty persistent level.

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Level streaming might look complex if you haven’t done it before, but its not at all.

You can try it out any time, no matter how far you’ve got.

All you have to do is make a new empty level, open the levels window, and read all the levels you want to stream into that level. Then you’re ready! ( apart from the code, which isn’t much ).

Ok, but then you’re stuck with a hitch.

With level streaming, it still runs the level blueprint etc…

Yup, game mode is a problem. You only get the game mode from the persistent level.