How to: Post Process Animation Blueprint?

Hello there,
With UE4.14 Epic added these PostProcess Animation Blueprints.
I have absolutely no Idea how to create them. Does someone here know how to create these BPs?


I have them working. There is one bug to be aware of - once you have set a post process animation blueprint, you can’t clear it. I have reported that.

For the post process blueprint, you have to start with a “Sub-graph Input” node, otherwise you will just receive the base pose. The sub-graph input node receives the results from the normal animation blueprint.

That is the start of my post process anim blueprint which has my Anim Dynamics in it.


Everyone else who answers: please do it here: A few questions considering Post Process Animation BP's - UE4 AnswerHub
Don’t want to mess with two questions considering the same thing.

I figured that “post process” meant that this would fix the lag problem you get from basing IK on socket transforms from a frame ago. Is anyone seeing evidence that this is or is not the case? It could be something I’m doing but it seems to not be working as I had hoped.

Yes that seems to be fixed

And the post process blueprint is set on the skeletal mesh asset, on 4.20 at least. Might seem obvious but my old brain was trying to figure this out today so thought I’d record it here.

talking about post process animation blueprint , now i was checking the metahuman face post process blueprint which i see whatever connection before control rig node its blocked , and after control rig is free to apply some transform bone but only one by bone , i wonder if can use additive pose with some custom joints animation to make the control rig skeleton get that additive animation positions , but for now i get weird results , its impossible to do this? imagine just have the metahuman project normal face and want to move ear joints , but not using a one by one node , just using other animation blueprint saying where u want joints to move