How to possess actor with networking

I dont know how to use Possess node from any remote client, even stupid stuff like thatdoesnt work.

In my experience when working with networked multiplayer it is best to handle all of the player controllers, spawning, and possession in gamemode. I am currently working on a game where I have handled my possession in game mode. I’ll attach blueprint photos as soon as I can and maybe that will help you out.

Yes, please

Guys, need help, seems like i’m not the only one who doesn’t understand those “run on server” behavior for Possess node

from a controller d147459adecb0ddf4e00c44f01857e5019bb46c3.png
from a level blueprint which is doesnt work 34a783b91de29bf63fe31ad28d117a7055a4c458.png
from level blueprint with casting to controller(pic1) which does work

can someone explain why pic #2 doesnt work?

Level BluePrint cant replicate. An Actor with “Replicates” in Details can do this.

Guys I Have Answer

Creat An Verriable On Player Bp Then Cast to Them This Working For Me On Client And Server

Make Sure That You run This Code On MeltiCast Also Or else it Will Give you SOme Bugs

Some Process As Well In Possing In Player Back Run On Both sever On meltiCast