How to posses characters or pawns correctly?

How to posses characters or pawns correctly?

Hello UE4 masters, I need your help. I’m currently working on a project in which a character gets an upgrade that lets him switch shape from A(walker) to B(Ball) kinda like Samus. Now I two blueprints that I found online but both give out different results, I’ll post the pictures.

With this blueprint I can switch from A to B but A remains present on scene and can’t go from B back to A :frowning:

And with this blueprint I can switch from A to B at the established location…but when I press c for the second time to switch back from B to A it creates a copy of A nearby and when I press c for a third time it then possesses A but none are destroyed…
Also the location there is set because if I connect the get actor location to make transform’s location it spawns B in the middle of nowhere falling to oblivion…so another problem is that I can’t get the transformation to happen in the location that the character is currently at.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

mmm, okay, I´m just starting in the ue4 world, so maybe my help could be a little limited, but, if I got it right you want your character to turn into something when you press a button, and to go back to the original form when you press the same button again? If so, maybe in your first blueprint you could use a “flipflop” node which diverts the button execution input into two ouputs that fire alternating between the two, and a “destroy actor node”, that, if I´m right, eliminates the actor from the scene, and finally, the “spawnactor” node you used to spawn the pawn you want and possess it.
¿Did that made sense? anyway, feel free to ask. Glad to help if I can.

Hey Matias, thank you for responding to the best of your abilities, I appreciate it. I think I followed your suggestion to the best of my understanding and in part its working…but I’m having a problem. Every time I press c the character spawns in the middle of no where. I don’t know how to solve this new issue.

Here’s a picture of the new blueprint.

Let me know what you think.

you could use a Targetpoint on the scene and ref it as the location to respawn so to speak at… also throw a print on GetActorLocation … if its spwaning at 0,0,0… or maybe it previous cached starting location ps once you destroy is as you havent set location as a varible its losing its information when you Destroy actor right after flipflop…

okay, the blueprint looks good, so the only probable issue I can think of is that your character references are “empty”. That means that you have a variable, but it points to nothing. That happened to me also, when I tried to reference an actor that didn´t exist in the level yet.
This post helped me get what I wanted, look for Doug Wilson´s answer:

Let me know how it goes.

Take care!

Would I have to put this new blueprint before what I already have? If so then nothing happens once I press the transform button.