How to posses a pawn on client only

I’m making a custom smooth camera transition system where when players take control of a vehicle a smooth camera transition occurs clientside. View target blend is not working for me (moving platforms)

The question is how can i posses a pawn purely on the client? I want to posses a camera pawn on the client which then transisitons to the camera of a vehicle and then I want the server to let my pawn posses the vehicle. The camera pawn should only exist in the world of the local player.

But I can’t seem to find how to posses a pawn locally without using an RPC to posses a replicated pawn via the server. But this is not what I want. I dont want the server to create camera pawns when this has no reason to be replicated to other players. The other players should only see the player taking control of a vehicle, that’s it.

How do I go about doing this?

So I’ve found out that the posses node only fires when it’s called from the server. So there is why it doesn’t work.

My question is, why is this only resricted to server use? Why can’t a client spawn a pawn and control it locally without the need of others to know about it? I don’t understand the logic behind this restriction.

I know this isn’t the answer to your question, but to accomplish the same effect, why not just possess the vehicle and move it’s camera from the player to the vehicle?

That is exactly what I ended up doing :wink: