How to point epicgames launcher to unrealengine sources

I’ve git cloned unrealengine to I:\workspace\UnrealEngine. Epicgames launcher has a button to install unreal engine but i don’t want to download unrealengine again. Instead can i make epicgames launcher to use the cloned unrealengine sources?


Not sure what you mean by this. When you pull the source from the EpicGames git, you only have the source. You then have to download third party binaries and assets, generate the project files for your platform, and then build the source into binaries. The Launcher pulls the prebuilt Unreal Engine for you, including everything you need to start running the Editor. There isn’t much to be gained by doing what you describe, since the entire source code is only like 2GB but the built engine with assets is tens of GB.

If you mean you’ve already built the engine and installed the assets necessary to run it, you don’t really need the Launcher anymore, you just run your version of the Editor you built.

If I install a game in epic launcher, does the game dynamically links with unreal engine or it comes with static linked code in it?

IM am having the same question. I can not link the epic launcher to my UE5 built from source and Im not sure how to go about using my assets from the Epic Games launcher library.

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I’m also curious about this solution. This is necessary because there is no way to import assets purchased from the marketplace into my project. The engine built with the source code is not registered in the Epic Launcher, and the project is also not registered in the Epic Launcher. I bought an asset from the marketplace, but I can’t include it in my project.

I can do it if I download another engine from the Epic launcher, create a project with that engine, download assets in the project, export the assets, and then import them into my project. but this is a very cumbersome way.

The way I found to do this was to put your compiled project into the same folder the launcher would, then it sees it there and you can add marketplace items to it that way. Mine was in c:/user/username/Documents/Unreal Projects/
I had just downloaded the assets and copied them over by folder, but it didn’t set up all the configurations correctly, so nothing was loading when I opened the assets, even after restarting the editor. But when I told it to add them to project from the launcher marketplace, it asked if I wanted to overwrite and I said yes, then it just did a file check instead of redownloading, then it set up the files correct. v5.1.0