how to play the fall animation after running from a higher plateform to a lower one

when i run from a higher plaetform to a lower one the character player the run animation can someone show how we can make the character play the fall animation on blueprint ??!!!

That’s not that hard. When you get in the air (isFalling == true). When that happens, save the z of your character. Once you landed (isFalling == false or OnLanded event), compare the current z with the initial z. If less, then set a bool accordingly and use that value to make the transition in the state machine:

the transition rule to JumpEnd:

the transition rule to LowerPlat:

In the character BP (MinHeight is the minimum height diferential between platforms that triggers the animation) :

In the animation BP:

if you follow along with this you should get the same result.

@EvilCleric consider making a transition available between idle and jump loop as well.

thanks i’ll take a look at it