How to play subtitles set in Sound Wave

Do you know, how can I play the subtitles that I’ve set in Sound Wave Detail panel ?

Could you help our team with this problem ?
Thank you very much :wink:

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Hello SiCzech got this video on you tube hope this helps.

Hello, yes I’ve seen this video before…it’s cool, but he’s explaning how to use subtitles only in dialogue system. The thing is, that I’d like to use the subtitles in Sound Wave Detail

He’s also saying that he’s going to talk just about dialogue system

Very late to the party, but this was Google #1 search result, so I felt like commenting.

Subtitles should automatically display at the bottom of the screen whenever your sound wave asset is being played. Be aware that the “Time” you set for each subtitle line is the duration after which the line will be displayed. In your case, the subtitle will come up 9.87 seconds after your sound wave has started playing. If your sound is only that long, I assume the subtitle never showed up, cause the sound ends the same time your subtitle was supposed to be displayed.

(I have tested this in UE5.2 with the current Soundscape Plugin)