How to play sound cues one right after the other, looping the second cue?

Hey there, noob here…

I’ve got a piece of music that has an intro bit, and then a looping bit. What I’d like to do is play the intro once, but then play the looping bit indefinitely, or at least until the level ends.

I’ve separated the music so that I have 2 sound cues, perfectly timed to go together, and the looping works just fine, however I can’t seem to get one clip to play after another finishes. Is there a proper method to doing this? Do you do it in the Sound Cue Editor or in Blueprints? Or both?

Thanks in advance!


I created a Sound Cue, dropped the two clips (Start and Loop) onto the graph, and then used a Concatenator node, to play the clips one after the other. The second clip is set to loop, so it continues looping indefinitely.


Thanks for the reply. This is the same solution I was able to eventually come up with. It does still have a very slight moment of lag when the second audio clip starts. Any thoughts or ideas on how to remove the lag, so its consistent? As far as I know, this is the best solution I know of.

Thanks again!

Still happening.

I use a delay on the loop and let the start overlap with it for more control. Combine the two with a mixer.

Concatenator doesn’t work because of the delay between the two sounds. Instead, use a mixer, plug the starting audio into the first pin and plug a delay into the second pin, and then the looping audio into the delay (make sure you check looping) and set the min and max delay to the exact length of your Starting audio.



this is better idea to play some sounds in a row without delay in between.

You sure the sound file itself doesn’t hsve a moment of silence at the beginning or end?