How to play my game on a Raspberry Pi4 4gb?

Hallo! I’m quite new here… I need to play a small game i created with UE4 on a Raspberry Pi4 4gb.
I compiled it as a Linux and pasted all the folder into the Raspberry Pi.

I found the executable file. If a double-click it it asks me if i want to execute it. Ok. Then it only creates a new blank text file with a very strange name (symbols), just once.
If i try again, simply nothing happens.

Someone could help me, please???
Thank you!

It’s not powerful enough to run a UE4 application

Oh, thank you for the asnwer.
So it doesn’t depend on the size of the game, right? even if it is a small game with a very few features…
It should be for a live performance, not for an actual game. It would be just controlling a character in the middle of nowhere, without any environment.

No possibilities at all, right?


No, that device isn’t designed to run 3D graphics software really