How to play mp4 on tv screen?

I have the problem of an mp4 file playing on a tv fine in the editor, but does not show up when playing the game. The mp4 file is in the correct folder “Content/Movies”
Does anyone know how to get this working?

I would also like to know the reason why?? I was working on a school project a while back and I had the same problem. I didn’t have a problem playing the video in the editor but whenever I launched the game or started rendering out frames it would never show??

Maybe I’m missing something? i opened level blueprint editor and made this simple blueprint as per instructions found online. I’m wanting the tv to simply play as soon as the game starts, not wanting to turn on or off at the moment, simply want it to play in game nonstop. This is all i did below.

This works in “play in editor window” but not “standalone game window” and i launched a project it didn’t work in the project either, i even converted the mp4 to an avi with no change. I’ve seen a few different youtube videos and played unreal engine virtual tour, all had a tv playing in game, surely someone must know?

I found the problem. Downloaded version 4.61 and everything works as normal, simply because of a feature called “auto play” (under playback tab within media player/texture editor.) So the problem LOTS of people have been having is because this feature has been removed… And not mentioned anywhere in ALLLL the threads and questions regarding this very issue…

Why are you using 4.6 when the engine is almost up to 4.11?

Back when I had this problem, I solved it by giving the video a URL that was not absolute. In your editor, the video file is linked to the content folder in your project directory that might start with a path of “C:”, but your packaged game doesn’t want to look there, especially when deployed on something other than windows. Some guy on the forums pointed this out. Here’s the path for my TV video:


I got this working, with help from “Jacky” (moderator) there maybe a bug where it doesn’t play in standalone game window in 4.11 (preview) but it still works in all other play modes, most importantly it now works in a packaged project. I will make a video tutorial within the next couple of days.

Media framework features in UE4 are the worst, , and seems they haven’t time for doing something good, avoid them

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