How to play Matinee in 4.7

I don’t know how to play a Matinee anymore. I saw many tutorials but they did it using Blueprints, but I can’t call Matinee in Blueprints anymore :frowning:
I want to play it when the player pass by a trigger. Please heelp!

It’s the same as it’s always been, as far as I can tell.

-Make your matinee
-Select it in your scene outliner
-Go to your level blueprint
-Add a reference to it
-Drag the pin out and add a play node to it
-Add your trigger with the same method, then drag the pin out and add a on actor overlap node
-Connect the overlap node to your play node

Make sure that you set the camera as your main view with the Set View Target With Blend node too. It should look something like this:


That should do it. I’ve tested it with 4.7.2, and it works just fine.