How to play half an animation at a time?

Hey guys,

I’m having issues with playing an animation. What I want to happen exactly, is that I want to be able to toggle two halves of a single animation.
For example, press E > play first half of the animation > press E > play second half of the animation.

I’ve tried using a timeline, and setting the value to 0.5 (which is how I think you play half an animation, I could be wrong) but it still plays the full animation.

So how can I play half an animation?

Another way I have tried to approach this is through morph targets. My animation has 10 morph targets to play fluidly, and the way I’d need to do this would be to play morph01, and then morph02 but whilst morph02 is playing I’d need to reverse morph01. This happens all the way to morph10. So the question for this work around would be, how do get one exec to link to two separate things in blueprint.

Any insight into this would be much appreciated. Thanks!

Hi Nathan Winfield,

You will want to use a Sequence node to do one set of instructions then immediately do a second set of instructions.

sounds like an anim montage to me…you can set sections to play from Branch points you set up in a single animation…also a “flip-flop” node or bool to know if it’s the 1st time you’ve pressed the button or the 2nd time…

I personally just split my animations up…not sure if that’s the smartest way though…but gets the job done…