How to play Animations in trigger Boxes

Hello Guys So i have a certain Animation Assigned to an Input Key , What i want my character to do is when he enters a trigger box and i press the key , he should play the animation along with a matinee sequence , Whenever i tried doing this it either plays the animation or the matinee , I cant get both working together , I am new to blueprints ,So please Help
Thank you in advance

I’m not sure I understand correctly your problem,

Maybe this can help you?

When OnActorBeginOverlap the trigger box set a new Boolean variable to true (and when exit set it to false)

when the player press the animation key branch that boolean, if is true then is surely inside the triggerbox and you can play your animation and your matinee, if it is not nothing will happen.

another solution is to check if the pawn is in a specific location or is overlapping the triggerbox.