How to play animation sound at mouth. The sound are added to animation sequence by notify.

I want to play sound(voice) at mouth location of character.
I use animation and add notify “Play Sound”.
But I can’t play this sound at mouth location.
Is there the way to play animation sound at mouth location?

You can add a socket on the head with an offset for the mouth location and use “get socket location” to get the location of the mouth in world space.
Then use “play sound at location” passing in the socket location.

Thanks for your replay.
In your case, certainly I can play sound wave type and sound cue type.
But I want to play sound embedded in animation sequence.


What I want to do is, a character act by animation and play sound voice at mouth location because it is more real.
If I can use embedded sound in animation sequence, it is best solution for me.
Is there a way to realize it?

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Thanks for your great answer!
I understood what you mean.
My problem is solved!

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