How to play a video in html5

ue4 can play a video in html5 packaged????

for now - you have to use the <video> tags to play videos…

i have a task to implement Movie Playback Support for HTML5 on my list - this way, it’s native to the UE4 environment.

however, we are currently awaiting for WASM with multi-threading standards and browser implementation to get put in before turning this on for UE4 on HTML5.

apologies for the wait - this is a long standing tasking on my plate. we hope to have this in really soon.

Hello Nick,

I’m also working on a project with video in HTML5. If the feature isn’t done yet, can you point me into a direction where I can learn about tags?

Was this ever implemented before Epic killed HTML5 support? I’m currently trying to make an embedded mp4 play in an HTML5 build from 4.23 and I tried everything but still doesn’t play, neither in Chrome nor in Firefox.

Apparently it wasn’t. I’m working on a project and my last huge obstacle is a video that has to play in a widget or any other way as long as it’s full screen, and it doesn’t, it always shows white, but it shows fine in the other packages, like Win64, Mac and the standalone preview.